Why Air Conditioner Inspection is Essential to Your Building

Young Man Repairing Air Conditioner Standing On Stepladder

The maintenance of some parts of your building, whether residential or commercial, including changing filters or relighting the furnace’s pilot lights, might be easy for some people. However, this is not the same when it comes to air conditioners. Inspecting the issues on your air conditioner is not that simple. This action needs professional HVAC technicians who have enough knowledge about the nuances of heating and cooling systems. They also have proper training in determining what the design needs and its issues throughout the inspection process.

Most building owners contact professional inspectors and get air conditioner inspection before purchasing or occupying the property. It ensures that the building will be comfortable despite any weather and won’t need to spend a lot on future repairs. If the HVAC system is new, you can get a regular inspection once every year. However, if the system is a little old, you should consider having one every six months. These inspections are essential to let you prepare for possible issues on your AC.

What happens on HVAC inspection?

It is essential to know what you should expect from an HVAC system inspection. At first, a professional inspector will complete a thorough review of your system. They will determine your appliances’ age and condition and their operational quality, safety, and efficiency for the building. It will help them analyze the entire structure of the piping, venting, and wiring of the air conditioner. 

Here are the things that an air conditioner inspection should cover:

1. Checking the electrical components

One of the vital parts of your air conditioner is its electrical components. Thus, it is only natural to check if everything is alright with the wiring system’s voltage and wiring system. If you do not prevent it from time to time, and an issue occurs, it may cause short circuits or even fire incidents. They should also ensure that the duct access doors and panels are of high quality and working well. 

2. Changing the filters

Air conditioner filters prohibit contaminants such as smoke, pollen, grease, pollens, and dust that could be harmful to your health from entering. Regularly changing them could promote better air quality for occupants and avoid any issues in the future.

3. Inspecting condensate drains

Condensation on the air conditioning system drains may cause build-ups of sludge or algae. If you do not clean it right away, they could cause problems with the appliances and even break it. Moreover, the circulating air that passes through it may be harmful to health and cause various diseases.

4. Lubricating moving parts

There are moving parts on your air conditioning system that help in releasing cold airs. However, they may become rusty and cause overheating if you do not apply enough lubrication to them.

Install duct access doors and panels for convenient inspection! 

If you want to have a faster and much efficient air conditioner inspection, it is ideal for installing duct access doors and panels beforehand. Best Access Doors offers a variety of designs for different applications that your building needs. We also have various sizes and even offer customization for the requirement that you need to meet. To order, call us at 1-800-483-0823 now!

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