5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Lighting For Your Cafe

5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Lighting For Your Cafe

People don’t just go to the cafe due to their food– it’s also the vibe and overall design. These days, most customers go to a coffee shop to relax and socialize. To improve your sales, you must enhance your shop’s status as a social space and make it more trendy. To start, consider the importance of lighting in setting the mood and visuals of a place. 

Here are the best tips in choosing the perfect lighting for your cafe:

Tip 1. Know the types of lighting.

There are many types and designs of lighting available in the market, and when choosing one, it is essential to know which is compatible with the application. The three main lighting types that you should know are ambient, task, and accent lighting. For primary sources of light in your cafe, you should install ambient lighting. It provides the most significant effect on places where it is in and allows people to see their surroundings well. Some of its examples are electric overhead fixtures and natural sunlight. 

Meanwhile, task lighting allows customers and staff to perform specific tasks such as cooking foods and reading the menu. It provides a superior light force letting people focus on what they are doing. Some examples of this would be fluorescent lights and overhead lamps. For more effective positioning, it is essential to have one of these on counters and customer tables. 

Lastly, accent lighting is the one that will provide more accent and aesthetic to your cafe. You can use it in adding focal points in places that you want to highlight. It may be for fancy artworks or to IG-worthy spaces that could gain more social media endorsements. Like the task lighting, it is a concentrated light source but with a different application. 

Tip 2. Choose smart lighting.

Choosing modern solutions could help in energy efficiency and be beneficial in setting the mood of your cafe. Some gadgets allow dimming control, daylight sensors, and automatic shutoff. It makes lighting management more convenient rather than using manual lighting. 

Moreover, these innovations can be very efficient in saving time and customizing the style of your space. It can also help centralize the control over your whole cafe lighting system. You can integrate it with your smartphones, tablets, and laptops through various apps available online. Moreover, you can install drywall access panels and doors if your lighting system is on the wall. 

Tip 3. Set the right mood. 

When setting the cafe’s overall mood, you should keep in mind your space’s lighting level. Depending on the ambiance and vibe you want to select, you may use bright lighting or low lighting. Bright lighting is stimulating and will help your customers alert and awake. If your shop’s theme is to give off a high energy mood for everyone, this type is very suitable. Just add some overhead light fixtures or extra-large windows to achieve this.

On the other hand, you can give off a romantic and relaxing vibe by setting low lighting in your cafe. Most owners use this as a strategy to encourage customers to relax and stay a little longer. It is also great in creating an intimate atmosphere to provide privacy and a feeling of detachment from the crowd. You can make this mood by providing a significant amount of overhead dimmers and accent lighting. You can also use some ambient lighting for variations. Here are more lighting tips for every room in your commercial space.

Tip 4. Change the lighting depending on the time.

You can’t use the same lighting type throughout the day, especially for commercial spaces such as cafes. It should differ between breakfast, lunch, and dinner time. For breakfast, you can use intense lighting to give off a positive vibe and help your customers to kick off their morning. Open the blinds or curtains in your shop and just let the natural daylight come through.

Meanwhile, moderate lighting is ideal for lunchtime to help in forming fast turnovers for your customers. It is perfect given that there are always more people at this time due to the lunch rush. It will encourage the steady flow of customers in and out of your cafe. However, it would be different for dinners. At this time, it is more efficient to use low-intensity lighting for a relaxing and intimate vibe. Most people going to cafes are either on their date or those who are from their tiring day. 


Setting the right vibe and atmosphere of your cafe using the correct lighting type is essential to get more sales and gain more popularity among customers. It is also crucial to offer something new while still following the trend and modern innovations in your shop. If you are a cafe owner and need convenient access to lighting systems behind drywall, Best Access Doors can offer you our selection of drywall access panels and doors. Contact us, and our product specialist can help you in finding the perfect type for any application.

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