Signs Your Building Concrete Needs Maintenance and Repairs

Some commercial buildings look fantastic even after several years because the owners make sure to maintain them. Whenever they encounter a building issue, they resolve it as quickly as possible before it becomes worse. One part of the building that needs proper maintenance is the concrete. 

Concrete usually makes up most of the building material, so it should come as no surprise that building owners need to pay extra attention to it. If you have a new commercial building, you need to know the different signs of concrete issues or damage. Knowing the signs of concrete problems is critical if you want to prevent the problem from worsening.

Cracks on the Walls, Floors, and Ceilings

Seeing cracks on concrete is the first sign that the concrete is slowly degrading. Even if your contractors use high-end concrete materials, a time will come where it will get damaged. Apart from time, other factors can also cause cracks on the concrete, such as leaking water or strong exterior forces coming into contact with it. 

The contracting and expanding soil from the ground may also cause cracks because of the unpredictable weather changes. And if your building experiences different weather conditions frequently, it can damage the concrete over time. Ensure you don’t ignore cracks within your commercial building if you don’t want it to become a severe building issue. 

Uneven Concrete Surfaces

During the construction process, workers should lay out the concrete evenly. In some cases, they may need to do the concrete work hurriedly because of tight deadlines. While it may not concern you that much, an uneven concrete surface is never a good sign. But in some cases, smooth concrete surfaces tend to warp because of several factors such as the sub-standard foundation work and shifting weather conditions. 

Failing to notice the uneven concrete surface can cause overall building instability and possible accidents. You need to contact a building inspector to make monthly inspections and determine which areas have uneven concrete surfaces. Once the inspector gives you a report of the assessment, hire a contractor to have the problem fixed right away. 

Collected Water on Concrete

Most commercial buildings have a rooftop where people can lounge or where technicians access building components through an exterior access door and panel. Usually, rainwater will start collecting on the roof, so the contractors need to install drains to eliminate the water. However, some buildings don’t have a drainage system connected to the roof, so the water usually stays there until cleaners can manually scoop out the water. 

The stagnant rainwater on a building’s rooftop for a long time can quickly wear out the concrete areas. If you have no time to install a drainage system, you can hire contractors to install a waterproof coating to preserve it from the rain. But the layer will become thin after a while, so you need to have it replaced again. You’ll have to install a drainage system to avoid the hassle of applying waterproof coating on the concrete frequently.

Do you have plans on constructing a new commercial building for businesses to use? You might have difficulty during the planning process, which is why Best Access Doors can help you with that. Make sure to read our article about the Tips for New Commercial Builds. It will help you ensure you construct every part of your commercial building correctly, especially the concrete areas.

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