Facts About Commercial Electricians

Facts About Commercial Electricians

Even with the help of a heavy-duty access door to seal away most of the high voltage utility areas, it is still a difficult job being an electrician. Being on call most of the time, the demand for this job is ever-increasing. A demanding job to have, most electricians spend their time honing their skills and studying to perform flawlessly and efficiently when at work. 

If you are an electrician or someone interested, you might want to read this article, “Helpful Safety Precautions For Electricians.”

The job’s pay and work stability makes many consider jumping into the field to become an electrician. We will attempt to dive into the world of electricians, give you insights, and discuss some interesting facts about their work’s nature. We will also talk more about commercial electricians, one of the three specialized fields for this job. 

What Is a Commercial Electrician?

Commercial Electricians specialize in maintenance, safety checks, and providing electrical repair services to business-related areas like retail stores and commercial offices. They can plan and design electrical systems tailored for the workplace’s needs, including the pipes or tubings compliant to the local electrical codes. You will mostly find them working for or with medium to large buildings like restaurants, shopping malls, highrises, and government buildings. 

Some Facts That Might Interest You

  • Electricians Train as long as Doctors – much like Doctors, Electricians also have to train and hone their trade. To master the skills necessary for this job, one needs to devote time. There are unique situations that only experienced Electricians can solve. It is why master Electricians review and practice their trade daily. 
  • Electricians Are Also Safety Professionals – When dealing with electricity, you best know how to do it safely. It is a raw form of energy that needs to be respected. Since they often work inside buildings, Electricians need to know about safety regulations before attempting a task.
  • Electricians Need to Pass a Color Test – Wires used a color-coded system to differentiate their type. It’s the only way to tell which wire is for which or for what. An Electrician needs to have good eyesight for this purpose. If you have issues with your vision, especially if you have color-blindness, you might want to reconsider choosing this field. Having a good pair of eyes is a requirement for this job.
  • Physical Fitness Is Part of the Job – earlier, we said that this job is physically and mentally demanding. It takes patience and a physically able body to do work and deal with their client’s problems.

Commercial Electricians Are the Most Common – There are four specialized fields if you consider being an Electrician. Outside Lineman, Residential, Industrial, and Commercial. The Commercial field is where most Electricians specialize. It is due to the demand of many businesses that require their services. Chances are, if you encountered an Electrician, that person might specialize in Commercial.


If you ever consider becoming an Electrician in the future, you might want to consider the things we mentioned in this article. Some of them are non-negotiable, like the requirement to have excellent vision. We really can’t deny that this profession is so vital for our businesses to function. It is the reason why we firmly believe that all Electricians deserve high recognition for being some of the unsung heroes holding the pillar of stability in our daily lives. Enjoy life, and thank you for staying until the end.

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