How Technology Helps Solve Manpower Issues in Construction

With the introduction of better technology in this new decade, it is undeniable that many industries have already gone digital and have incorporated technology into day-to-day operations. Technology is now serving as access doors to a better way of running a construction business. Technological advancements have not only led to greater efficiency in day-to-day operations but have also created new opportunities for companies to gain a competitive edge. 

Although technology is making positive impacts on various key priorities within the construction industry, labor shortages in the construction industry remain significant and widespread. Fortunately, technology is helping a great deal on key priorities within the construction industry and this includes workforce, risk and safety management, and efficiency of operations. 

How can technology help with manpower issues in construction? Here are some ways that technology help labor in construction.

Making Hiring Less Complicated

Construction companies are now increasing the use of technology and HR services firms to improve recruiting practices and develop better ways of a competitive hiring environment. To grow their workforces and as a result, grow their businesses, companies need to be on a roll when it comes to recruiting and employee-relations. 

This is where technology comes in. With the help of social networks and staffing platforms, construction companies gain a competitive recruiting advantage by covering a larger pool of candidates in a faster way. Technology also plays a huge role in assessing craft worker skills and capabilities. Although computers making hiring decisions on their own is still a long way to go, electronic resumes and matching is still playing a part in filtering top candidates, thus giving employers more time to interview the best people. 

The Potential of HR Technology 

Of course, contractors can’t do everything all by themselves. Nowadays, more business owners are turning to HR technology and outsourcing solutions that help in automating tedious administrative processes, staying compliant with complex labor laws while at the same time offering attractive benefits to retain the best talent.

This 2020, it is more likely that construction businesses will be using HR technology. Some tedious and error-prone tasks are now being automated and simplified by these processes:

  1. Time tracking – Workers can just easily time in and time out by just a single tap using an app on their phones. Even supervisors can track and approve hours anywhere and at any time.
  2. Payroll processing – Softwares can now fully handle payroll by taking hours from the time tracking app and then computing and sending the appropriate wages to each worker. 
  3. Location tracking – This GPS technology helps in locating the crews when they’re on working hours. 
  4. Background checks of workers – Technology can now help collect relevant information from newly-hired workers in a timely and secure manner.
  5. Job costing – GPS technology also makes it possible to automatically create job cost allocation reports by marking locations of projects.

The construction industry, in spite of facing a labor shortage crisis, will still continue to grow if armed with the right tools in solving hiring problems.
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