Security and Escape Ceiling Hatches In An Emergency Situation

You will never know when you will encounter some emergencies inside your home or building. In some cases, such as storms, floods, or structural collapses where the exit door is blocked, having an accessible escape route at the roof is life-saving. With this in mind, various emergency roof hatches were invented and installed in houses and emergency shelters. Despite being unnoticed, it plays a vital role in the construction of a house or building. 

What is a ceiling hatch?

A ceiling hatch is typically for giving security and easy access to the roof of houses and buildings. It is commonly a small steel access door on the roof that serves as an emergency exit. In some cases, other people are calling it a trapdoor. It comes in different designs and sizes to match the roof of a building’s type and shape. Most ceiling hatches are durable and safe from any leakages.

It is now common to install hatches at people’s houses or commercial buildings. It is to make sure that in times where the primary exit is blocked or unusable, people will still be able to get out of the building. It is instrumental in emergencies such as flood, fire, or storms.

Why should you get a quality hatch?

Ceiling hatches are an excellent addition for your building or house as it adds security. It can also serve as your escape route for emergencies. It is why choosing the perfect hatch for your facility is very important. You must consider its style and quality and check if it will fit your taste. To help you, here are the factors to consider when looking for and installing a roof hatch- security panel.

  • The perfect material

If you are looking for the perfect hatch, you must first consider the material used for it. Most hatches typically have materials such as aluminum, iron, or steel, and choosing the right one is essential for the durability of your emergency ceiling hatch. Depending on your preferences and needs, there are different fire-rated and waterproof hatches that you can choose from.

  • The right style

There are different roof hatch styles- security panels that match the design of the building and the preferences of its owner. Stainless steel covers, curbs, and hardware are ubiquitous in most households. Also, aluminum material, louvered curbs, curb mounted units, and curb pitch are perfect for a sloped roof. As for “green roof” applications, higher curb heights are the ideal choice.

  • Proper insulation 

Insulation is critical when choosing the right kind of ceiling hatch. Depending on the hatch’s quality and its installation, the temperature and hygiene of your house will be affected. Thus, it is vital to know if the ceiling hatch will give proper insulation for your roof.

  • The best shop

Make sure that you will only get your security ceiling hatch from your trusted store or shop. Best Access Doors offers a variety of roof hatch-security panels that will surely match your taste and needs. We have a galvanized security roof hatch that is known for its weathertight construction and convenient one-hand operation. We also have BA-RHG-SEC that features a double-skin construction and provides a flush, tight fit for better protection.

Want to know which roof hatch- security panel is best for you? Visit Best Access Doors’ website and learn more about this.

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