Common Misconceptions About Plumbing

Common Misconceptions About Plumbing

A building should have different systems and components to ensure it can operate and help people do their daily activities. One crucial system within a building is the plumbing system. It provides water to bathrooms, faucets, and everywhere else that needs water. It’s also responsible for disposing of wastewater every time you flush the toilet or wash the dishes. 

If you own a commercial building, you need to take care of your plumbing system as efficiently as possible if you don’t want any problems in your hands. However, you may still find several plumbing misconceptions that some people still believe. Best Access Doors can provide you with the truth behind several plumbing misconceptions. 

Misconception #1: Small leaks aren’t a problem.

A time will come where your building’s water pipes will start to leak. It usually happens if you haven’t called a plumber in a while to inspect or maintain it. Whenever you notice leaks within your plumbing system, you need to fix them as quickly as possible. Small leaks may not look like a big issue to you, but they can damage the surface it comes into contact with after a while. Another reason to fix the problem right away is to save yourself from spending expensive plumbing repairs. 

Misconception #2: You don’t need an expert plumber.

Sometimes, building owners who have plumbing experience can do the plumbing work on their own. They can fix leaking pipes by applying a waterproof sealant or repairing a toilet that doesn’t flush. However, you can’t fix every plumbing issue you encounter, especially if the case is more severe and complicated than usual. You might get the idea of searching the internet and learning how you can do it independently. Doing that is risky because you’ll never know if what you’re doing is correct unless a professional plumber can watch you do it. If you find a severe plumbing problem, it would be best to contact an experienced plumber to handle it properly. 

Misconception #3: Only call plumbers at the last minute.

Other building owners still believe that they don’t need a plumber unless the plumbing issue gets worse. That’s not the most effective way to fix a plumbing issue, as they might forget the problem after a while. You can find most experience building owners have a plumber drop by and do plumbing inspections and maintenance. It’s the best way you can do to prevent a plumbing problem before it even happens, saving you the hassle of contacting them back again to fix it. If you want to give your plumbers convenient access to your plumbing system, you need to install louvered access doors and panels.

Misconception #4: Always use drain cleaners when clogs happen.

Clogs will happen to any plumbing system after some time. However, others cannot wait for a plumber to fix the issue, so building owners tend to use drain cleaners. While it’s the most effective way to unclog a drain, using it frequently is not a good idea because it will corrode the pipes. You should know that most drain cleaners are highly acidic, which is what causes pipes to erode after constant use. If you don’t want clogs happening, the best way is to never throw food waste on the drain, such as leftover food and grease. 

If you plan on installing access panels for your plumbing system, make sure you read our blog titled “What to Consider When Installing Plumbing Access Panels.” You can get helpful tips when you’re about to install plumbing access panels.

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